Living a Cercle Moment is all about living immersive experiences in heritage sites and exceptional places around the world, to the sound of electronic music. 

Brought to you by the Cercle Team, Cercle Moments are travel experiences taking place over 3 to 5 days, and subtly blend music, culture, art, outstanding activities, and encounters.

Each voyage is punctuated by exclusive and intimate DJ sets hosted by internationally recognized artists.

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Cruise along the nile

A five-day cruise on the Nile to explore Egypt in an intimate atmosphere. From treading the land of Pharaohs in a truly unique way, attending a private set by Adana Twins, or enjoying surprises planned all the way, our Cercle Moment blended a subtle mix of culture, music, art and encounters. During the voyage, participants had a private tour of Adriatique's Show scenery, reaching Hatshepsut Temple before the event started on February 13, 2023.

Among the activities: Hot Air Balloon, Culture (Philae, Edfu, and Luxor Temples), Cocktails Parties, Local Dinners, and Wellness Sessions.



An invite to Southern Spain, to unveil Andalusian treasures and learn more about its rich culture. An escapade from Ronda to Sevilla, with a stop in an authentic vineyard for an outstanding private set by German composer and DJ Parra for Cuva. This Cercle Moment finished on a high with virtuoso Mochakk playing at the iconic Plaza de Espana in Sevilla.

Among the activities: Cocktail Parties, hiking, via Ferrata, cooking class, cultural guided tour, buggy, SPA, and private sets by international DJs. 



A 4-day stay in the 5-star Alpine-escape W Verbier to enjoy Switzerland's natural wonders to the sound of electronic music. Sailing between music events running on ground and on Swiss' waters, open-air activities and wellness moments, this Cercle Moment welcomed the talented Worakls Band and Mystery Affair for two exclusive sets atop the peaks. The escapade ended with Folamour's Cercle Show from the St-Pierre's Cathedral at the heart of Geneva.

Among the activities: Cocktail Parties, 3 private sets, a boat party on Lake Geneva, paragliding, e-bike, zipline, local dinner, sound-healing sessions, beach-party, brunch...